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Z Begining

Born in Casablanca Morocco, I knew I want to make art since high school. My first attempt to make a movie was called ' Crazy involve with you !!', a bad title for the worst amateur movie in film history. After graduation, I moved to Ouarzazate, Hollywood of Africa, and studied special effects and post-production in film/tv. Immediately after that, I start Practicing the craft.

In Morocco, I draw attention to many professional legends in the Moroccan film industry, and work in films that are memorable: 'Chaïbia', 'Al Massira: la Marche Verte', and many international Projects and mainly Eljazira Documentaries. Plus other projects ( documentaries, advertising, and dozens of short films). 

Its time ...

And after filmmaking and directing many commercials, corporate and institutional films, I decided to make my first short film in 2016: Wrida - Flowers language, that won the grand prize and best script (Fes international film festival ed: 2018), filmmaker first prize (Gulmim festival for short movies ed: 2019) and best feminine role (Sale International film festival for cinema feminine ed: 2019).

I chooses to get out of my comfortable zone learn more, and moves to UAE in Abu Dhabi starting as a freelancer with creating social media content for marketing and education. After a couple of months living exactly under the sun, I got to chose where my next chapter will be... 

in the same time i met my love of life, she was Swedish and we decided to move togather, so in January 2017, I moves to Sweden.

A place to call home .

In Sweden, I succeeds working in a featuring film in Norrkoping 'Den Blommastid Nu Kommer’ (title in English: The Unthinkable) with Crazypictures. Plus Different works in advertising, commercials and social media content with skäggbyrån and other Media agencies. In addition of filming events for many events across the country.

What Clients and colleges Are Saying

“Amazing VFX artist. I was happy to have him on my feature film where he took care of all the VFX and credits, and he did a 10 people job by himself for a high resolution delivery. 
I highly recommend him.”​

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