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Step by Step


First contact: We present the process in detail, and we answer all your questions. We talk and gather all the information needed, including a brief of your idea for your film.


Proposal: We study and evaluate your brief, and prepare multiple proposals for your approval.


Second contact: You choose a approach or combine with others. We help you to modifies it however you feel needed, then we suggest a quote and discuss it with details until everyone is satisfied.


Pre-production: We prepare a storyboard, shooting dates, day sheets, and all necessary preparation.


First draft: We make the first version of the film, send it for feedback.


Viewing: We invite you for a viewing, where you will see 90 - 99% of the product.


Last modif: We gather your last thoughts for the finished product. We distribute and apply it to the project pipeline.


Product delivery: We deliver the product. with multiple versions and formats for each platform and support.


Support after delivery: Adding new information, modifying the cut, and changing small details that don't require a make over. All are free from charge and up to 6 months after the delivery day.


Let's keep in touch: Our main mission is to shape satisfied customers,  for that We hope that you are glad about your film and we can work together again.

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