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Commercial and Promo

Also named advertising video. Product video, teaser and so on. Basically a type of video product that can be used to present a company or product by highlighting all positive and advantages to attract customers, usually ends by a packshot, for example : the product name, price and contact information, the commercial video could be a fiction sequence or simply a combination between picture and text.



Designed for artists, athletes, dancers and every one who have a talent that want to show their talent with music of choice. Currently for free ( except for travel cost if you are not from Nörrkoping )


Cooperate Film

Ideal for intern and extern communication for organizations. We get into the specialty of your field, interviews with key members, and show all the organization aspects.



Every Video you need for your event, From teaser, commercials in multiple platforms ( TV - Radio - Internet ) and live streaming and recording with multiple cameras.  and so on...

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